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The “PakGDCPakistan Genomic Data Center is an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to biological and biomedical data science. It is present in the main city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and leads numerous national and international projects with a major impact on life science research and health. PakGDC’s scientists are passionate about creating knowledge and converting complex questions into solutions in many fields, from biodiversity and evolution to medicine. They provide essential databases and software platforms, data management, software engineering and bio curation services, as well as computational biology know-how and training. The center trying to delivers this expertise to academic groups and clinicians as well as to private companies. PakGDC aimed to federates the Pakistan life science community of some 50 scientists, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. It also cooperates with national and international institutions on research infrastructure matters. The center contributes to keeping Pakistan at the forefront of innovation by fostering progress in life science research and enhancing health. Our aim is to give a Comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence, structure and functional information to all scientific community. PakGDC is also devoted to fostering the development of inter and multidisciplinary areas between genomics and other disciplines. Currently, our aim is to collect all biological databases to one platform and give an easy way to the scientific community for all scientific data, we strongly agree that every researcher should have access to important scientific information to aid in their study and research. For that, we freely provide access on easy and friendly finding way to scientific databases and tools (i.e. resources) in various life sciences research areas including proteomics, systems biology, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, transcriptomics, population genetics.

Provided Services

Our published, under-review and ongoing projects


Co-19 PDB

An innovative user-friendly platform for Covid-19 pandemic databases and resources.



Latest Database of Protein Research.



a collection of databases relevant to human research



DataBase of Plant Research

October 29, 2021

Significant Contribution to Covid-19 Scientific Community and Nanomaterials Researchers

Under review


A Centralized Cancer Research Database and an example use case mining correlation statistics of cancer and covid-19.

Under Construction


We have collected almost all hyper accumulator plants and bring all data into one platform.

Under Construction


DBPTMS is a database in which we gathered all the databases related to post translational modification.

Under Construction


We have collected all medicinal plants from published literature and provide a database to scientific community.

Under Construction

Phosphorylation database

In phosphorylation database we have collected 3600000 thousand phospho sites from previous published literature.

Under Construction


In AVPCD database we have collected all medicinal plants which have antiviral activities.

Under Construction

Ubiquitination database

In Ubiquitination database we have compiled 1000000 different sites and provide a user friendly platform for scientific community.

Under Construction


In DBBT database we have collected all biological tool , and give a single plateform.